A registration or reservation in advance is not necessary, but recommended. Please note that we can not guarantee a seat without prior online reservation in case of overcrowding.
Reservations are only valid until 5 minutes before the course starts! Afterwards, they expire and you won't get your money back. Please show up on time. No admission after the start of the course.

Our special courses and trainings (e.g. Divers Training, Paramedic Training) requires a registration in advance. Further information is provided on the related pages for these courses.

If you lose your certificate and need a second one, please fill out the following application form: Request certificate replacement

Our certificates our accepted for

  • driver licenses according to §§ 19 und 68 FEV (driving license ordinance),
  • for medical studies according to § 5 AppO,
  • for first aid professionals according to BGV A1 (earlier UVV),
  • for pilot licenses (PPL, CPC, ATPL),
  • and for course instructors in various jobs and sports.

These certificates are generally valid within Germany.

Usually, there is no time limit if you have visited our course after January 1st 2002. The certificate does expire though for first aid professionals (BGV A1) after 2 years, but can be refreshed by visiting one of our basic first aid courses.

Certificates of 8 hour courses before 2016 had been valid till October 2017. Certificates of our extended courses (16 hour courses) remain valid for driving licenses C and D.

You have visited one of our courses and voluntarily want to refresh it? You may do this for free at any time; just bring along your old certificate. In this case we are unfortunately not able to give you a new certificate. You can also download our first aid brochure without cost.

Please be punctual. We can not allow you to take part after the course begins. The same applies to being late during the course breaks, or leaving early.

All courses are held as outlines in our online schedule. During the bavarian school holidays we offer additional holiday courses. These are also listed in our online course schedule.

There are regular 10 minute breaks during the first aid course. In many of our course rooms you have the possibility to buy snacks and drinks.

The practical exercises are a considerable part of our courses and required by German law. All participants must successfully complete the exercises to receive their certificate. Successfully means that the course instructor is convinced of your skills.

Physically handicapped people can be freed from specific exercises if they can show a doctors certificate or a handicapped ID according to § 8a StVZO (VkBl. 1971,6).

Various practical exercises are performed during the course. For this reason we advise you to wear sturdy clothes shoes. Short skirts, high heels, and designer suits are not advised. We are not liable for any damages caused to and from clothes and shoes.

You have to bring:

  • Official photo identification card. (Passport etc.).
    What we are not allowed to accept, are social security cards, check and credit cards, or identification without a picture.
  • Course fee (we only accept cash).
  • If eye test is needed: 6,50 EUR for the optician.
  • Small change if you wish to buy snacks during the breaks.

If needed, you can also take the eye test for the driving licenses A and B. An optician comes by during our course. The fee is 6,50 EUR.

For driving licenses C (truck) you can attend a medical checkup and do the eye doctor exam after our courses Saturdays at Hauptbahnhof or Sundays at Moosach. Both of these exams cost a total of 78,- Euro.

For driving licenses D (bus) as well as appointments outside of our course hours you can contact Dr. Franke (089 / 308 77 20). The medical checkup and eye exam for driving license class D cost a total of 129,- Euro.

There are a lot of pictures and diagrams in the "driving school courses", so that simple German knowledge is sufficient. We also offer courses in English for participants that do not understand German. We advise Turkish participants to visit the course in Neuperlach. From experience, we know that there are many Turkish participants there that can translate.

You couldn't find a suitable answer to your question? Call us on working days from 9:00am to 06:00pm: 0900 - 112 88 88 (the call is charged) or send us an E-Mail.

We´re looking forward to receiving your mail. Just fill in the form below and submit.

By the way: We´ll be personally available to you for any inquiries you might have (Working days, 9am to 6pm). Just call (Germany) 0900 - 112 88 88 (the call is charged).


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